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Women’s Cross Training Gloves


This Women’s Cross Training Glove features an etched synthetic leather palm that will meet all of your needs for cross-training workouts. From barbells to kettlebells, your hands will thank you for the added protection provided. The ergonomic padded palm with pressure points provides a superior grip and lessens hand fatigue. The thermal regulating mesh back helps to keep your hands comfortable on two levels, fit and temperature.

Functionality includes: pull loops to make the gloves easy to get on and get started and finger pull tabs make these gloves easy to remove at the end of that strenuous workout.


  • Etched synthetic leather palm
  • Ergonomic padded palm with pressure points to lessen hand fatigue
  • Thermal regulating nylon mesh back
  • Pull loops to easily get the gloves on
  • Pull tabs to effortlessly remove

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