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360 Mini Massager , Grey/Orange One Size


Portable, easy to use and convenient, the Moji 360™ Mini Massager uses stainless steel massage spheres to work on every muscle group to help you recover and feel great! Whether you like deep tissue or gentle massage, the Moji 360™ Mini Massager feels amazing. Since the massage is in your hands, you decide when you want more intensity and when you want more “mmmmm.”

Makes Dynamic Massage Easy

You don’t need a yoga certification to use Moji 360™ Mini Massager. Couch, train, bed or under the conference table – Moji 360™ massage products are easy to use and require no crazy body contortions.

Kicks Massage Butt

Omni-directional; rollers break up scar tissue and mimic the strokes of a massage therapist. That makes the Moji 360™ Mini Massager a lot more effective and less painful than static pressure.

Throw Away the Bag of Whosiewhatzits

Thanks to Moji 360™ Mini Massager’s unique shape and Tri-Zone technology, different spheres and arrays allow for varied intensity depending on which zone you choose to use.

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