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Extreme Tube/Band Door Anchor , Black 1 Anchor


The GoFit Door Anchor provides effective strength training at home, and is part of the GoFit Rubber Resistance Training System. To use the Anchor, place it in a standard door jamb— as per the detailed instructions included with the product. Next, run your GoFit Power Tube or Super Band through the loop portion of the Door Anchor. Now, you can perform numerous exercises that require an anchored point to pull- or push-away from. The GoFit Door Anchor can be used in low- mid- and high-door positions for a variety of exercise options. The GoFit Door anchor is made of heavy duty, premium components. Its firm interior “Stopper” is contained within thick and durable nylon webbing, double-stitched for optimal performance.


  • Instruction manual included
  • Heavy Duty double stitched nylon construction
  • May be used with most standard door jambs, but important – read the included instruction manual carefully for proper installation and use
  • Durable stopper
  • Black Nylon Color

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