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Product Description

The Cellfy Stic is a universal smartphone mount that allows you to take hands free pictures and video from smooth surfaces. Stic your phone to any smooth surface to take self-photos, or group photos. This product is made in the USA! Here’s how it works:

  • Download the timer (PaparazziShot for iOS, CameraZoomFX forAndroid)
  • Set the necessary timer, recommend 10-15 seconds, or time lapse
  • Attach the Cellfy Stic to any clean smooth glass surface
  • Suction cup your phone to the front facing cups
  • Pose hands free! Use all by yourself or in groups

The integrated suction cups attach to a variety of smooth surfaces. The rear cups each hold 2.5 lbs (10 lbs total) and the front mini cups hold 1 lb. each (4 lbs total) so your phone will not fall if operated correctly. Works great on the bathroom mirror, windows, clean car panels, car windows, glass tiles, or any smooth glass surface. No more pointing your phone in the mirror, or extending your arm to take self-photos. The Cellfy Stic does all the work for you. Get one for your home and one to keep in the car. Caution using in cold weather environments, on frozen surfaces, and surfaces other than glass. The mount is not designed to stick to the back side of the device; recommended use is for attachment to the screen side. Typically, the rear facing camera and flash provide a superior quality photo.

  • Universal design, fits onto the screen of nearly any smartphone device, or tablet
  • Front facing cups are rated for one pound each, total of 4 pounds
  • Rear facing cups are rated for 2.5+ pounds each, total of 10+ pounds of force
  • Great for pictures or video
  • Works great in the car for hands free calls, or on exterior windows for outdoor photos
  • Easy to use with Bluetooth enabled shutter devices
  • Works great with apps with built in timers, or continuous photo shooting apps
  • Domestically designed and manufactured in Idaho, USA
  • Caution using in cold weather environments, on frozen surfaces, and surfaces other than glass
  • Please note: Cellfy Inc. will not be liable for operational error, or broken devices.


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