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Challenge to recognize others!

Challenge to recognize others!


Have you seen my photos of Gym Members Who Inspire me? Take a look if you get a moment!  

We are all capable of watching others around us, and for those of us who are at the gym more if we open our eyes rather than stay in the zone, there is so much going on around us.

When I stop someone for a photo, they smile or laugh and say OK why me? Then I tell them what I have seen, what I observe. Because I am no different than them and their efforts have been noticed! 

With the new year approaching many of us are working on goals, I challenge you to stop someone, even if you don’t know them, introduce yourself and tell them you have seen how hard they are working! It makes them feel awesome that someone is noticing, and it tugs at your heart strings for doing so!

Cheers to making a difference!  

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