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CLEAN EATING- HotDish- Crock Potting and Stew- How to make a healthier dish without over eating!

CLEAN EATING- HotDish- Crock Potting and Stew- How to make a healthier dish without over eating!


HotDish- Crock
Potting and Stew

How to make a healthier dish without over eating!

Fall weather, its that time of year when the seasons steer us toward comfort
foods! This reminds me of growing up in Holabird, South Dakota, with 5 houses
and the population 20 people.

We didn’t have access to fast food, but traditional hot dish cooking
was the way to eat. It was easy and cheap, and included traditional German
dishes our family had carried throughout generations.

In our home we ate late at night, because our parents worked late hours.
We ate as much as we wanted until we were satisfied or until the dish was gone.

Making a hot dish from canned tomato sauce or mushroom soup, mixing in
some local beef or chicken and canned veggies from the local store was a quick
fix. It was always served with a slice
of bread and butter. Thinking about chemicals that could be in the can was never
considered, it was just available and easy to buy.

Hotdish, stew and crock pots are a quick and simple way to prepare food
for a family.

There are many women who have written to me, asking me how to
incorporate or switch the diet for the entire family.

Many parents in general have shared with me they have a fussy kids and spouses when it comes to food and if
they are dieting, unsure of how they can cook healthy for the family.

SO ladies, gentlemen, and picky kids, here are some simple steps to
conquer your family struggles with hot dishes and crockpot uncertainty.

Hot dish- Crock potting &

The Ingredient Factor

FRESH Veggies: Use fresh
veggies, not canned. If you must use canned then select Low sodium BPA Free canned sauce and
veggies. You may pay a little more for
the sauce but the point of healthy eating is to prevent later complications. Wash
your veggies
before dumping them into the food to spread the dirt and other
grime that will seep into your food. If you are purchasing canned, research brands and look for organic and BPA
free cans.

MEATS: Know where your meats
are coming from, or adjust the protein for your diet. I personally cut out red
meat and only eat it on occasion. I choose ground turkey and chicken.

SAUCES: Make your sauces
from scratch with fresh produce. You can always make extra on a food prep day
and store extra by canning or freezing in glass containers.

Fresh sauces are lower in sodium and you can make them from organic

If you are inclined to purchase sauce then research and make sure you
purchase an organic product in BPA free cans. (Bisphenol A, often known as BPA is a chemical
found in hard plastics and the coatings of food and drinks cans which can
behave in a similar way to estrogen and other hormones in the human body

Mix it Up…Measure it out…For a new healthy lifestyle, while being

  1. Now that you have the ingredients, cook them
    separately. Make each item and leave it on the stove.

  2. Weigh your meat, measure your veggies and sauce
    and put into a container or dish it up for each family member, mixing it
    together AFTER it has been measured. Measurements for each family member vary,
    but remember after measuring, this is the serving… SECOND HELPINGS NOT

  3. Use the leftover servings by measuring it out
    for the entire family! Make an assembly line, measure for each family member
    and store in refrigerator in ceramic or pyrex containers. This will also allow
    the flavors to marinate give it that “second day flavor” to make it taste

Ideas for Simple Healthy and Effective Swaps        

Item                                             Swap for

Canned soups and Sauce               Low Sodium, BPA Free or make from scratch

Ground Beef                                 Lean Ground Turkey

Salt /Seasonings                           Fresh Herbs, Lime/lemon juice, or Mrs. Dash

Noodles Quinoa,                           Wheat or Gluten Free Pasta

Canned/Frozen Vegetables            Fresh Vegetables and WASH THEM!!!

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