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Crock Pot Food Prep

Crock Pot Food Prep


Thank you to my followers and Body Space Friends for reading my profile on how I prep for food! With Many requests for information and ideas for crockpoting clean dishes, I am sorry to inform you, you are probably better off on Google when it comes to that! 

So what I will share with you is that for some of you, busy, parents, hate to cook, cant cook, well the crockpot has saved me and my daughter from eating dry bland meals!

The reason I love this prep is because it is easy and it is ready when i come home from running my daughter to her activities, and there is no wait to prep!

During my training season I do alot of my own food prep but can prepare a healthy meal for my daughter such as chicken, ground turkey, and can throw a few veggies in there that will last a few days.

I know there are thousands of bodyspace users that have better recipes and advice but wanted to remind those who struggle with food prep or cooking healthy for their family, don’t forget about this amazing invention!

Happy Cooking! 

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