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Mommy Moves- Getting Fit without Guilt

Mommy Moves- Getting Fit without Guilt

Many women ask me how I can get workouts in, and balance life, the truth is I’m just as crazy and busy as the rest of you, but I have adjusted my life to make sure it works.To me, my health is really all I have, and if my health is bad it effects my loved ones.

Three years ago I was working three jobs, my full time job which required many strange hours for events then working evenings as a bartender. My husband was not a cook, and I had to figure it out. At that time, I was a runner, running early at 4 am, and teaching classes at the Y to get my weights etc. in.

But when my life changed my lifestyle changed, it was just different. I was now a single parent, and needed to adjust to the new life I had been given.

I had to figure out how I was going to continue being healthy and getting workouts in, without taking time away from my daughter. The truth is even before the drastic change in life events, when my daughter was baby I didn’t want to leave her. And the more I visit with parents they would share with me their feelings of taking time away from their children with their busy lives. 

The perception is that I can "do it all". The reality is that it takes work, and planning. It is a CHOICE that is important to me. Remember your family needs you. I have had a few unsupportive people in my life tell me I am "extreme" when it comes to diet and exercise, and I can not disagree, but I am passionate about it. It is no different than someone choosing to read a book for an hour, or choosing to be on a bowling league, or watching an hour of shows with a glass of wine. We all need a little alone time and how we choose to use it is up to us. I choose to workout in the early morning and over my lunch. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, and if I choose to sleep in or skip lunch to eat with a friend, then I have made a choice for that day.

Other questions that have come to me are about food and what to cook. I am a horrible cook, and I can make a mean tater-tot hot dish, but when it comes to crock pots and steaming that is what has saved me!

Here are some things I have done to make sure things can work for me:

1.)  Stoller walks, or mommy and me classes: There are other mothers in the same boat as you. Encourage each other to walk, jog, lunge with the strollers or find classes such as dance or swim babies that you can do with your child. This may not  work for everyone, but give it a try and do what works best for you and your children.

2.) 30 Minutes- If you have a baby, are still nursing, or do not have the funds for a gym membership, seek help or guidance from a friend or create your FREE BODYSPACE account to see what others are doing! I have a dear friend, mother of two young children who has started coaching for BeachBody and has reached some amazing goals, very proud of Jena German. As she has proved working two jobs, and juggling family, you can do a quick workout in your home!

3.) Home Gym- If you have the space or can create a small space next to your childs play area, you can be in the comfort of your own home and even though you are not holding them in your arms, or feeding them a snack you are there. Nap time would be the perfect time, and if you need a nap, make it an incentive to get your quick workout in before nap time. I continually tell my friends they can come over and workout while their kids play. My sister has made a point to come over with her children and continues to keep reaching her fitness goals. Very proud of Angella Miller for losing 10 pounds so far by healthy eating and exercise!

4.) Plan your menu- I often crockpot dinner so dinner is prepared when I get home. There are many healthy meals you can prepare ahead of time, and freeze for future dinners. And I have learned from training and food prep, I can food prep for my family as well by cooking ahead of time!

5.) Include the kids- If your children are old enough, incorporate them into your goals and encourage them to set their own! My daughter loves soccer and gymnastics, and just started Tae-Kwandoe and Piano. We set goals and practice! For family fun we love to wii dance, and walk our dog, sometimes we walk the track together at the Y.

5.) Pencil it out- Write down your schedule. See where you can take 30 minutes out of your day or night. If you have a spouse that can handle the family for a few minutes, get that time in. Work out with your spouse and get a sitter, make it a date if you’d like! The excuse you don’t have time is just an excuse- the same excuse I keep using when it comes to scrapbooking my photos stored in three boxes in my basement. Ill get to them someday, but I will be healthy while I do them!!

Cheers to you and your goals, make them happen!

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