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“The people who influence you are the people who believe in you.”
-Henry Drummond

Not so long ago we started this new journey.  Ms. Addie has been involved from the beginning but without all of these amazing people, our journey would not mean as much. YOU made this happen and because of all of you who believed in us and took the time to say “yes” we are here today. Thank you for believing in us, we are forever grateful.

Our Family & Friends

We love our family beyond words and with out their love and support we could not have made this journey possible. From helping take care of Addie and Snickers, to traveling to shows to cheer me on. Everything we have done is because of their support, help and love and we thank you with all of our hearts.  We are excited to share this site with you.

Love Addie, Nikki & Snickers


hamsterFirst day with KSFY  Michael Cornette our tv station general sales manager said to me “ Let Nikki, be Nikki… the rest will fall into place, just be yourself.”  Something I will NEVER forget, thank you Michael!

Having support from my employer, and co-workers has been such a blessing.  It is true, when we become the person god needs us to be, we serve him and others in a fulfilling life. Thank you to the KSFY team I am so blessed to work with you, and I love helping others showcase their business with us!

“Revel in the accomplishments and potential of others. With humility comes a willingness to celebrate the achievements of other team members, knowing that others’ success is not a threat to the leader’s own success.”- unknown

Elmo Creative


When someone believes in what you are doing, nothing is more rewarding than paying it forward. Preston at Elmo Creative has gone above and beyond to assure this site is ready and perfect for Addie and I. He and I both work full time and this site was an evening and weekend job, but we are pleased to share this with you!

Bobby Black Photography

image1 (1)I love the story of meeting Bobby. My Las Vegas Chamber friend Rebecca Fay had to research him to assure me he was legit, even though he was recommended by Brandan Fokkken.

My first model shoot ever I was dropped curbside a Las Vegas suburb, by a little old woman with a miniature solo cup hanging from her rearview mirror. As I stood there texting bobby, his amazing MUA Brandy picked me up, and we had to finish a shoot with model Kathleen Tesori. I remember seeing her, knowing I know her… from some where. Little did I know that moment would a few months later bring me to a stage in LA.   God is amazing.

My experience with Bobby was amazing, he was helpful, and respectful, and is so much fun. His humor and hear t of gold make Bobby  amazing person. His talented voice, when he is not singing in his church, leads him to adventures with his passion of singing with  the Las Vegas Tennors.  He  introduced me to band members after our shoot, and all I could remember was his band eating delicious sandwiches.

You’ll see Bobby with Jamie Eason, as he is her personal photographer and dear friend.  Thank you Bobby for your friendship, you’re an amazing friend and photographer. If you get to Las Vegas, work with Bobby, you’ll love his work!

Don Bersano Photography

DonBersanoDon is also one of the most genuine and passionate people I have ever met. Don was also recommended to me through Brandan Fokken.  My first time shooting with Don was at the Arnold in Columbus, for the 2014 Arnold Classic.

Just shortly after my first NPC Bikini competition and the 2014 Spokesmodel competition. After a crazy day of shooting Don went above and beyond to accommodate my shoot not feeling well, as he fought through a severe case of food poisoning.

Don reached out to me after Arnold and we shot again in his amazing studio in downtown Chicago. Don shot with me and another FST teammate, which ended up being so much fun.

Don always goes above and beyond for all he encounters and I thank his wife Lisa and his children for sharing him with so many friends during these big shows. Long hours of shoots and many weeks of editing are time consuming, and we as models appreciate his valuable time, and talent.

Tom Nguyen Photography

After driving five hours through the night with my little miss to the Twin Cities we found ourselves downtown Minneapolis, ready to have our first Mother/Daughter modeling photo shoot.

Tom Nguyen is well known in the Comic Book world for his amazing art, but when he isn’t signing autographs at conventions he is taking amazing photos with his creative eye, and unique artistic lighting.

TTomNyguenom and his team Rob, and Shayla were able to capture amazing images in Minneapolis throughout the day. One challenge was to find a kitchen, and thanks to my dear friends Eric & Mandy Cuka offering us their beautiful kitchen in Eden Prairie, we were able to capture all of the photos we wanted!

This team shot with us all day, entertaining miss Addie, making it an amazing fun day. The highlight for Addie was the shot of the lake with “squishy bunny” her beloved raggy bunny she has had since she was 3. As I cringed at taking that shot, Tom assured me it was just fine and the shot of course absolutely gorgeous.

As you see Toms work stands out, and speaks for itself. Thank you Tom to you and your team for an amazing experiences and images that we will carry with us for a lifetime.

Revive Day Spa- Tara Mortland
Easi Hair

TaraLykeAfter going through dramatic life changes, I lost my beautiful and thick hair. As I began to research options for extensions, my clip ins were and inconvenience, and I didn’t want the hassle of worrying about the placement. I approached Tara Mortland from Revive Day Spa.

Tara Lyke specialized in EasiHair extensions responded back “Nikki, I am so glad you are doing this, and something just tells me, working with you will be an amazing thing.”  As she placed my first set of EasiHair in before I competed for the FLEX Magazine competition at the 2014 Olympia.

I also worked with her on spray tans for appearances, and prior to travel I love their almond scented spray tans for an extra healthy glow for my photoshoots and trips.

Tara is a joy to work with, and has always gone above and beyond to work with my other stylist Vickie to assure I look great for all of my adventrues. Thank you Tara for your friendship and all you do for Addie and I.

Signatures by Vickie
Vickie Gates

VickieGatesVickie Gates has been my personal hair stylist and colorist since 1999. She has seen my hair through many phases and changes and live events. From College Graduation, my wedding day, through my pregnancy, and the loss of a spouse she has cared for my hair, and it has been amazing to see what life changes can do.

After Olympia I decided to dye my hair black. She and Tara worked to have my black hair done by my first National NPC bikini competition in Florida in November 2013. As I was under the dryer before the Bodyspace Spokesmodel competition I decided it would be best to go back to blonde for LA.  She was a little nervous, but managed to pull off a transition of color without my hair being damaged.

She and her husband Harley have always looked out for me and Addie and I are so blessed to know you both, thank you!

Shoe Science
Kyle Walz

image4Its always fun to have new “kicks” for a fitness expo! Kyle was kind enough to sponsor my shoes for all of my photo shoots and expo adventures. Any of the shoes I wear you will see can be purchase at the Lakewood Mall or on their website Shoe Science!

Thank you Kyle for sponsoring, and representing your shoes all over the country!

Aberdeen Family YMCA

YMCAnewThe Aberdeen Family YMCA  our home gym. Our friends and Y family have made every effort to adjust to our new life happen. Knowing I have Addison she often attended child watch and I would get my workouts in.

The Y also helped campaign for the 2014 Bodyspace Spokesmodel Competiton by making signs and emailing members and staff to vote for me. I am so overwhelmed by the love and joy our Y family has brought to us, it is our home away from home and very special place in our life.