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Timing is Everything- Live in the Moment

Timing is Everything- Live in the Moment

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"Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never have imagined". – Deepak Chopra

Hello to all of my fellow BodySpace friends! As I was paging through photos to make a fun video of my year of training and competing, I checked my bodyspace messages and felt my next write had to be on the timing of how people, opportunities and goals all come down to the timing and how a person can fully commit to goals when they are ready.

If you are new to a program, or planning your goals you know that only YOU make have the power to make it happen! Sometimes, it takes an extreme life changing event, well in most cases. Sometimes it takes seeing someone else change their life to motivate, but what ever the reason, we CHOSE the time to take on the challenge.

I have been inspired by so many people and the last few days many of you on Bodyspace opening up to me sharing your stories of struggle, loss and motivation have taken my inspiration to a whole other level!

TIMING: One year ago I started training with my coach Brandan Fokken. He has been telling me I have a great story to share with all of you. Honestly, I didn’t think my story was different or more inspiring than thousands of others..and I still don’t, but the TIMING wasn’t right. Well…the time came and I shared and …. here I am. See, for me I have my goals, and I was excited to see how the opportunity to possibly compete with so many other amazing 2014 BODYSPACE Spokesmodel competitors would do because you are above inspiring!

I have witnessed an amazing opportunity to answer those of you who have written me as well as see amazing changes in my closest friends here at home.  

TIMING: In the last few weeks, some of my closest friends and family have been inspired to change their lives. 

This year my sister Angella has lost 10lbs because of healthier eating and commitment to exercising, also pushing me on my down days to "get it done" 🙂

My friend Jena German has taken on a new lifestyle change of being a Beachbody coach to inspire many to workout right at home.  

Angella Senger has also made a lifestyle change and has lost 25, and also encouraging others to eat clean and exercise. 

Amanda Maine has lost 16lbs and shared with me what pushes her is the fact she knows I push though, she thinks "what would Nikki do"

Teri Galbraith has made efforts to continue exercising, and running races with her daughters and husband to stay motivated.

Now you dont know these people but I DO! I am sure because of the changes you are making you have seen others push harder to reach a healthy lifestyle! So thank YOU for inspiring others in your life!

Keep the stories coming my way, and thank you all for your faith, love support and VOTES! I’m not sure the purpose of this path but I have already come out ahead with you making me a better person!! Thank you again to for the opportunity, I am thankful and blessed to have taken this Journey!

Best of luck to everyone with your 2014 Goals!  

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