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Unplanned Dinner with Friends- How Being Prepared Can Make Social Life better

Unplanned Dinner with Friends- How Being Prepared Can Make Social Life better

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A couple of weeks ago I was with my daughter at her school fun night. My friend Barb was there with her daughter, and randomly she asked I Addie and I would like to join them for dinner! They were my next door neighbors, and also key people in the past three years, as part of my support system. They go above and beyond and always help with Addie but also have been so supportive and excited as our new life of adventures.

Those of us who compete or have friends and family that compete know that when we begin our season, we rarely eat out and do our best to make sure we are on key with our diet by bringing our own food. Our diet is specific for the goals we are trying to reach, and yes even the simple things like seasoning or a dash of butter can make a difference in how we look.  We are confident in our lifestyle but some are not so supportive and understanding. We often hear we don’t eat a lot or enough, or we are eating bad, and we know that is absolutely not true, most of us are ready to eat after we finishing eating, and we enjoy food!

My closest friends and family have changed their diets, always respect my goals and step in when they need to make sure im on key or giving me a boost of confidence especially close to show when it is harder. And my social life is my family and my goals, I do sacrifice a bit of social life but really, Im lucky to have met like minded people on Bodyspace and local FST team and others in the industry that understand the lifestyle.

Addie and I accepted the invitation for dinner, and we made a stop by home to pick up my food. Of course our friends would ask if we can/ can not eat something and I offered to bring something but they insisted I didn’t need to. I arrived with a bottle of wind and my bagged fixings. It was a lovely dinner and we thank you Dohrer Family for opening your hearts and home it was a fun evening.

Preparation is key, and had I not been prepared with my food all ready, I would have declined the invite or I would have eaten half of what I needed and gone off track.

Happy Prepping, and be ready so you can chill with your friends and enjoy life with out worrying about starving if your food isn’t ready!

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