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Willpower- What Drives You?

Willpower- What Drives You?

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With the new year approaching we all have new goals and improvements we want to make right?

Well some of us do, and some of us are content with life. Now, I am NOT one of the content ones, as I am always reaching for something different but, that does NOT mean I am not content with my life, it simply means I like excitement and challenge, and want to inspire others to reach for their dreams, no matter how insane it may seem.

In the beginning days of my competing journey about a year ago, I was in a meeting with a group of professionals. I asked some of them to share their goals or bucket list items for the year. Some participated but there were a few that were giving me “the look” and didn’t want to participate, and at that moment I realized there are some people content, but then I thought about those who participated and those who didn’t participate. Are those who didn’t want to answer REALLY content, afraid or maybe insecure? It is a possibility.

I was also told that competing was not a sport, it was a way to get attention and a very superficial goal to say “look at me and how I look in a swimsuit.” REALLY? Yes someone told me this, and I walked away hurt. I thought, how is it that  those who were uneducated about the sport of competing could actually give advice? A person who doesn’t step foot in a gym, but maybe yoyo diets throughout life.

Reality, there are many great women leaders and business professionals that compete, and as my coach warned me there would be supporters and non supporters, it took me by surprise.

WILLPOWER- It begins with the ability to move forward with our goals and stick with them. Yes, we may be in swimsuits on stage but to get there it took months of prep and choices such as saying NO!

NO to the donuts, the cake, and sweets. No to late nights and yes to early mornings.

How is that different than the average person saying no because their new years resolution is to lose weight or get in shape? The difference is we set out to change our lifestyle, to make it a long life of healthy choices so that our goals don’t put us back on New Years Eve looking for gadgets or magical pills to lose the weight we sometimes can prevent.

So for those of you who are making New Years resolutions, and are NOT competing or regular exercise gurus, here is some advice on setting your goals for the new year:

1. FOOD- If you are going to lose weight you need to change your eating habits. This doesn’t mean grab a shake for every meal, or take a ton of fatburners. It may work now, but when you are done or decide you cant do it anymore the weight come back.

TAKE THE TIME to learn about portion control, and educate yourself on little things you can do to make a dish taste good with less calories.  LEARN about carbohydrates.

Use recourses such as to look for blogs, articles etc. Research local cooking classes, extension office, or parks and recreation programs to see if there are classes offered in your community.  By taking the time to learn, you will know how to make healthy meals and HOW MUCH you and your family should eat.

2. EXERCISE- If you can not afford a gym membership, again see what your community offers through Parks & Recreation, or community programs. Sometimes they offer exercise classes and dance lessons half the cost of an annual gym membership.

HOME takes WILLPOWER- do not buy p90x and let it sit collecting dust. Start with a beachbody system or google home workouts. Ask a friend(s) to commit and take turns at each others houses if you need the push from another to keep you motivate!

Get a treadmill at home and some light weights, but if you want to workout at home YOU have to make that commitment. If you are like me, I like a challenge, you will find much gratification if you can commit to working out at home and sticking to it! Start with 30 and work your way up to 60!

If family and small children play a role in your lifestyle, find an activity you can do with them. Do mommy and me yoga, or stroller classes. OR do your own stroller walks, and in the winter find a community gym or facility with walking times.

3. Everything Else- This would be financial or personal goals such as travel, reading, joining a service club, or volunteering for a cause. It is easy, any group would LOVE you and your family to help at a food drive or community cleanup project.

If you want to travel maybe incorporate a 5k walk or run on your trip!

What ever it is you want to do this year, do it!

Cheers to you and committing to your future goals, Happy New Year!

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